Ralfs Karro
by on December 15, 2019

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory!

-George S. Patton

How you do it?

  • Pick a challenge -> Record yourself completing it -> Post it on your timeline.

How do I post entry for a challenge?

  • Title: f.e. Bottle Flip down the stairs -> Description: Just remember to add #actionjan20 -> Hit post

How does it work?

You get Activity Points for posting challenges & being interactive with app & other members of our community.

The more activity points you get over the  period of one month, the better are your chances of scoring it high in ranking table & winning the Round One !


Challenges that you have to do in order to compete for prizes -

  • Bottle Flip down the stairs
  • Score ball from 3 pointer
  • Cartwheel
  • Hand Stand 3 Seconds
  • Sing in public
  • Spin ball on the fingertip for 5 seconds
  • Signature from the opposite sex on any part of your body
  • Climb a Tree
  • Throw any type of hat on your head
  • Bottle flip up the stairs
  • Score basketball backward
  • Eat half of the lemon in under 1 Minute
  • Catch flying food with your mouth
  • Photo of self-made House of Cards
  • Make floating object than can hold an apple
  • Hold breath under water for 25+ Seconds
  • Pop a wheelie on a bicycle
  • Hug your someone for 30 seconds without saying anything
  • jumpscare someone
  • Toilet paper mummy
  • Make music using random tool
  • Turn around 15x and travel 15m straight
  • Balance stick on your palm for 15 seconds without moving around
  • Do planking for 30 seconds
  • Hold ball on your foot for 15 seconds
  • Give food to someone in need
  • Beatbox
  • Make your own Challenge. (30 Sec. Limit)

You cant Win if you never even try...

Best of luck, Action-A !

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